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Система добровольной сертификации продуктов питания «Кошер сертификация-КР»

Система добровольной сертификации продуктов питания «Кошер сертификация-КР»


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What is Kosher food?
This is a product whose ingredients and manufacturing process comply with Jewish dietary law. I.e. this is one of the subjective characteristics of the product.

Who is authorized to issue Kashrut certificates?
We do not have the exclusive right to issue Kashrut certification in Russia, but we are the only officially registered agency. That means that the relationship with the manufacturer is based on the contract in Russian, legally binding on the territory of the Russian Federation, payments are invoiced with all the relevant paperwork. Kashrut of product is guaranteed by Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berl Lazar, who is known worldwide as a major specialist in highest standards kosher certification. Certificate issued by our organization is international and is valid in Israel, Europe and USA.

Can Kosher products be used/consumed by people from other ethnic backgrounds?
This feature does not have any relevance to the consumer ethnic or religious background. There is no ban on use of kosher products in other traditional faiths. Kosher meat is also considered «Halal», most products labeled as «Parve» are suitable for Lent-diet

How can manufacturer obtain a Kosher certificate?
Manufacturer fills out forms and sends them by e-mail. A contract is signed for the review of information and a visit to the manufacturing plan by our representative in order to familiarize ourselves with your manufacturing process. As a result, the manufacturer is issued a report with recommendations for the certification. If the recommendations are accepted, the agreement is signed for a period of one year.
According to this agreement, manufacturer is obligated to get agency approval, should it be necessary for a company to change or modify ingredient composition or production technology. Kashrut certificate and the right to place the label confirming Kashrut on product packaging are issued.

What is the cost of the service?
Cost of service is determined based on the complexity of manufacturing in terms of process structure meeting the criteria for issuance of the certificate. We certify the manufacturing process, so the cost of services does not depend on the product list.

What is the timeframe?
Schedule depends on how quickly we receive the requested information. Usually it takes 2–3 weeks from the date of filing.

Which products can be Kosher certified?
Primarily it is food manufacturing, but manufacturing of cosmetics and household chemicals can be Kosher certified as well.